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Velesolv envirotech is the Leading and Fastest Growing Water and WasteTreatment company.

Since the establishment of our company, our core pursuit is to engineer end to end solutions for the wastewater treatment systems of Industries in our country. Our solutions are devised by our expert team of Environmental engineers, Microbiologists, Chemists, Process engineers and Environmental scientists.

Our Solutions balance complex technical, regulatory, business and stakeholder issues to produce measurable value and cost-saving approaches for our clients. Our services are delivered by experienced environmental professionals who share our 'Vision & Mission'.

01. Leadership Through Excellence

We are instrumental in manufacturing. manufacturing and supplying a wide range of chemicals.

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We are velesolv envirotech are professionally engaged in manufacturing and supplying the highest quality Biotechnology products for Environment like Bacterial culture for reducing COD, BOD, ammonical nitrogen, phenolic compounds.

Sustainable solutions

Our Company (velesolv envirotech pvt) is a leading, worldwide Environmental services provider to industrial and government clients. Delivering Sustainable environmental solutions to meet compliance, business and operational needs.

Wide Range of Services

Our ETP services and products caters for a wide range of industry sectors, from Beverage and Food, Chemical Manufacturing, Pharma(API) Dairy , Agro to sewage and Waste water.

Manufacturing Expertise

We are Hardcore manufacturers of Bacterial Culture, Deformer, RO chemicals and ETP primary treatment chemicals: Organic Coagulant.

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Velesolve Envirotech

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