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An Effective blend of micro-organisms, enzymes, and organic compounds which breaks down biodegradable chemicals, hazardous wastes, heavy metals.

All Microbial products are individually fermented, assayed for purity, and then formulated to make the final product. Available in liquid as well as solid formulation and in special case tailored made consortium culture can be made along with commissioning at plant with guaranteed results.

Micro Bact : 1015 – COD reduction
Micro Bact : 1016 – Ammoniacal Nitrogen Reduction
Micro Bact : 1017 – Phenolic Nitrogen Reduction
Micro Bact : 1018 – MLVSS Booster
Micro Bact : 1019 – STP Bioculture
Bio-foster: Micro-Macro Nutrient Supplement (Booster for Bicultural growth )


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