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Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is a treatment process through which all the water contaminants are removed from it. The focus of ZLD is to reduce economically wastewater and produce clean water that is suitable for reuse.

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• MVR – Mechanical Vapour Recompression • Multiple Effect Evaporators • Atmospheric Evaporators • HDH Evaporators – Humidification – Dehumidification Evaporators

After distillation or Evaporation, the solid waste generated is then fed to crystallizers which boils all the water until all the impurities crystallize and are filtered out as a solid


Minimizes wastewater discharge
Maximizes water recovery
Creates a valuable product for sale and further processing
Removes many environmental issues
Reduces dependence on local water sources
Significantly reduces the risk of sanctions within the legislative standards for discharged waste

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